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International Trends & Services

About this Program

As a worldwide organization, the International Trends and Services facet has expanded the reach and impact of the Links organization far and wide. The Memphis (TN) Chapter has embraced its commitment to positively impacting the lives of people of the African Diaspora by serving in five different countries. In 1999, the chapter together with the Central Area Arkansas-Tennessee Cluster built a school in the KwaZulu Natal District of South Africa. The school continually serves about 150 students. Currently, the Memphis Chapter has helped to provide above ground water purification tanks in four villages in Kenya, which provides safe drinking water for school children and their families, eliminating the risk of life threatening waterborne diseases. 

Key Initiatives

Since its inception in 2011, collaboration with our international partner, Water for Children Africa, has been very rewarding. The safe water we are able to provide through this partnership has impacted approximately 10,000 lives per year in rural Kenya. Additionally, we have maintained a viable Pen Pal Program with an adopted school in the region, maintaining student-to-student letter exchanges twice per year. Additionally, our with the World Health Organization provides "Mama Kits", also known as Clean Birth Kits, in Uganda to help promote safe birthing practices. We remain connected and engaged with Links's Global Linkage Delegations, and have been fortunate to serve children in two additional countries, Ghana in 2013 and Jamaica in 2016.

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