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National Trends & Services

About this Program

The National Trends and Services Facet operates with the vision of transforming lives by reducing barriers to resources through advocacy, education, and service. From grassroots efforts to collaborative partnerships, the National Trends & Services Facet has historically worked to engage the Memphis community around the importance of voting, financial literacy and other systemic community issues. As national issues have arisen and evolved, so has the scope and focus of our National Trends & Services initiatives.

Key Initiatives

Our partnership with the “I AM A VOTER” multi-organization strategic collaborative has helped encourage voter education, registration, mobilization and reform. Our impact has also helped young teens make better financial decisions through financial literacy workshops in partnership with the RISE Foundation. Our most recent efforts begin to address the growing crisis of bullying among today’s youth and preventing its adverse effects on children's mental health and academic success. And, as a long-standing women’s organization, it is only right that we leverage our national partnership with AARP to better support African-American women who are either preparing for life as they age or are currently dealing with the aging process. We are committed to increasing the number of sustainable and measurable programs  and continue to assess the greatest needs in our city in order to be a catalyst for change and a stronger, more empowered Memphis. 

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