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The Arts

About this Program

The Arts brings together our chapter and partnerships with likeminded organizations to sow seeds of creativity deeper into our community. Our Arts program is global, but tailored locally to ensure Memphis students and the larger community have access to a broad spectrum of The Arts.

Key Initiatives

In most recent years, the Arts has leveraged after school programs as a gateway to drive appreciation for artistic expression and provide supplemental activities for Shelby County schools. ARTLINKS, which is hosted at Vollintine Elementary School, is an arts enrichment/appreciation program focused on music, drama, and the visual arts. This exciting initiative seeks to expose elementary students to opportunities where they can learn and participate in a variety of cultural experiences. Whether attending the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, talking with nationally renowned artist Brenda Joy Smith, or vining to the musical talents of Black Violin, the Arts facet has collaborated with key artists to provide once in a lifetime experiences. 

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